About Top class tutors

Top Class Tutors are highly qualified and experienced tutors selected from a range of Subjects and Pathways specialized in the New Zealand and Australian Education system. Our goal is to direct students through careful coaching and subject mentoring into their study pathways through expert mentoring and guidance.

Mentors undergo a rigorous selection process before induction into the mentoring process. These experts are the mentors we put forward for selection.

Students invited to select any Tutor they wish will pay an introductory fee, and if, approved will proceed to the first session.

Our fees reflect expert quality coaches. We will not offer anything less than you expect.

All coaching is New Zealand-based before we expand globally. Services offered are both online and offline.

We comprise a group of administrators and Mentors who walk with you through your journey. Don’t hesitate to contact the CEO or any of the Mentors to create this journey.

Feel welcomed at all times. We are waiting for your contact- email, Whatsapp, phone, or messenger at any time. The lines are open.

About Marshall E Gass(CEO/Founder)


Marshall Gass is the CEO/Founder of TopClassTutors. He comes to Mentoring with twenty years of coaching experience. Marshall has four specialized Masters' Degrees in English Literature, Science and Technology Education, Teaching, and Information Technology. These qualifications have seen him rise to top management all through his career.

Marshall is also an Entrepreneur with over a dozen companies to his credit. From Import/Export, Manufacturing, Mentoring, Education, and Consulting to Hospitality and International Trade.

For most of my career, I was a Teacher for one category or another. In my early career as a Junior Scientist, I was a trainee teacher Learning and Developing scientific methodologies. From there I moved into commerce as a Business Executive teaching Juniors the ins and outs of Economics and Business strategy. Soon I moved into Marketing and Sales and eventually ventured into my own companies in International Trade, Hospitality, Manufacturing, and Consulting. In between I completed 4 Masters Degrees and PG Diplomas in English Literature, TechnologyEducation, Teaching and Information Technology. A long career in teaching Secondary school students led me to include coaching graduates, Post Graduate and Doctoral students in their respective fields.

Finally, I worked with several top Mentoring businesses and thoroughly enjoyed the work and outcome. Starting up TopClasstutors was a dream I nurtured for a few years. With the backing of a strong team, we are ready to take any interested student on their own journey to success.

Further Marshall is also a Novelist and Poet ( www.marshallgass.com) with twenty-five books published to his credit. He is a prolific writer and is well known in literary circles for his quality writing. He has a Social Media presence that is nearing fourteen million viewers on Quora, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Marshall often says ": Every journey begins with your first step!"
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